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July 08 2012

I'm happy.

July 01 2012

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June 05 2012

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I need to calm down.
Now I calmed down.
I love you.

People have birthdays ( and I know them because I really like them )

January 6 - Syd Barrett
January 13 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus
February 13 - Peter Gabriel
February 18 - Yoko Ono
February 25 - George Harrison
March 20 - David Thewlis
March 21 - Gary Oldman
March 27 - Glenn Carter
April 14 - Adrien Brody
April 18 - David Tennant
May 2 - David Rhodes
May 26 - Helena Bonham Carter
May 26 - Stevie Nicks
June 3 - Jerome Pradon
June 1 - Sarah Wayne Callies
June 6 - Tony Levin
June 9 - Johnny Depp
June 9 - Natalie Portman
June 18 - Paul McCartney
June 21 - Ray Davies
July 8 - Robert Knepper
July 21 - Robin Williams
July 28 - Richard Wright
August 10 - Ian Anderson
September 6 - Dolores O'Riordan
October 3 - Lindsey Buckingham
October 7 - Thom Yorke
October 9 - John Lennon
November 27 - William Fichtner
December 7 - Tom Waits
December 8 - Jim Morrison

June 03 2012


June 01 2012

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Have we all begun to matter more than the things we say? Or it's been like that all along?
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May 30 2012

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Let's run.

May 26 2012

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This is how I feel about life.
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Or this.
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Stop and

I want no more noise.
I want to be in a car, in a big town with small streets.
What do I do now?
I will sit on the grass near the small lake.
I will listen to strange music and feel intelligent.
I will stop my program for 10 minutes and revive.
I will break the wall around me.

I want to smile.

I have the right to cross the street and no car has the right to run me over.
But because we all have rights, we forget about what we want to do and we buy guns so we are prepared for people who want to take our rights.
What is, what is, what is it that you want?

Do I want it or does karma want it? 
What are standard deeds? 
The deeds that we are supposed to do. However you avoid doing something, you'll end up doing it one way or another. Because you're supposed to.

Oh, yeah. But remember you have the right to do it. Just remember this. And anyway, who gave us all these rights? Us? God? The laws of the Universe? Human nature?

Watch that butterfly! 
I am afraid of them because they're small and many and when I dream them, I fear them. But they're really cute.
I lost sense.
What is sense?

We have the right to lose sense, because it's relaxing.
Walk. Cross the street.
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This is wonderful. It's what I want. It's how I want to feel everyday.

Let Me Tell You a Story

Answer with true or false:
You burn when you feel that you want to drink raspberry ice tea.
You are afraid of death - hence, you make stories to sound as close to it as possible.
You feel terrified when you are outnumbered by people dressed in pink.

Does it sound blue? It's not. It's life. Storytelling happens when you try to explain your life and you want people to understand how you see it. But, personally, I don't think that's possible. I think we are only similar to each other because we are all unique. It's a complicate statement, because now I feel like I should explain why we are unique. But I don't, because you already understood this all in your own way. 
Lately, I have been having this obsession with relativity. I keep thinking that it's all in our minds and that it is as we want to see it. Or as we don't want to see it, in some sad cases.
Also, atmosphere is very important in telling a good story ( good, bad, whatever you see it like ). Now it's on paper, it's not as convincing as it would have been if it was told somewhere inside, beside a glass of wine. A good story usually comes out of a good actor. Acting, in my opinion, is not a fake thing. If it was fake, then our whole lives would be fake. I am sure you know what I am talking about.
Storytelling is amazing when it happens from our hearts. It can move the hearts listening to it and it can change our way of thinking or seeing things. I think that what everyone should learn from this few lines here is that when you do something, you have to do it from a deep wish inside you, with strong will and maybe even passion if you feel like it. That's how I see "good" in everything.

Storytelling happens when you're in love.
Storytelling happens when you're hungry and the one you're out with isn't and you have to convince him to go to eat.
Storytelling happens when you feel you're the cause of an effect you now know you couldn't have planned.
Now I am telling a story. Your turn. 

May 12 2012


Fascinating Characters

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Dream, float, don't fear.

April 16 2012

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Daily mail, nightly dreams.

From a great height

More enthusiastic.
More productive.
More able.
More fun.
More often.
More artsy.
Less questionable.
More colorful.
More understandable.
I am angry.
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God loves his children, God loves his children

April 12 2012


April 06 2012

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I am happy.
Let me out of here, let me out of here, let me out of here.
Because I want to be happy.

March 26 2012

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